Finesse the Market Being a partner of TFD is a great Community that brings the best of Both worlds from Ireland to Belgium. Finesse the market began with little to no clear forex education before our partnership with TFD. TFD introduced the best Forex education and mentorship to the Ireland Community.

Why did we partner with TFD and what makes TFD better than other platforms?


If you've ever seen some trading platform online, you'll note that most of them don't have a simple framework as well as a successful plan which can really teach their clients / members to be independent. We partnered with TFD because it checks all the boxes, the goal of providing its members with an honest and straightforward education that is capable of making people long-term and other great plans where members can use their expertise to have a career even within TFD.


What is the difference between TFD and Finesse the market?


There is no distinction at all, we became one organisation until we collaborated with TFD. Even though Finesse's market is its own entity, they still give great advice and assistance with mentoring members through TFD, supporting them and developing great relationships between client and mentor with them.


We highly recommend TFD to anyone who wants to make a living from Forex Trading, but nothing in life comes for free, hard work always shows and hard work always pays if it's not income then progress!


When you become a member in TFD, you are also welcomed in the finesse the market family and you get all the proper assistance from the TFD team with great mentors and also from the finesse of the market team, you are not just a client, you are a member of the family and we look after our own!


Founder and CEO of Finesse The Market

- Kenneth Ngobeni