True wealth and goal setting!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hello everyone!

I often get the question: what do you actually do with the earned capital of Forex?

Why not buy a sports car, why not buy a big mansion, why not travel all the time?

To be fair, this was also my goal at the beginning of my trading journey. There are many pages on social media that show us this luxurious lifestyle and of course this is very attractive to lead such a life.

My definition for wealth was very simple back then: wealth = luxury.

And I also lived this life a while ago, traveling a lot, expensive parties, 5-star hotels, fancy dinners, designer clothes, about to buy an Audi R8 and so on… And of course this is fun, I don't regret it for a second, on the contrary!

The reason why I have not regretted it for a second is simply because without this period I probably would never have come to realize that this is actually not the definition of wealth at all.

All the above mentioned facts such as fancy dinners, nice hotels etc. These are all things where you unconsciously want to prove yourself to the outside world: "look what I can do, look where I am, see what I do". And of course that's nice, for example, to have a fancy dinner, but do you really get fulfillment from that? Did you contribute to yourself, did you contribute to nature, did you contribute to your fellow man? I personally don't. I thought I was going to get fulfillment out of that, but this was anything but. It took me a year to realize this. I was looking for fulfillment by living this "look at me" life, but it never came. This showed me that in that period I was actually a very insecure boy, who needed a lot of confirmation from the outside world.

It was urgent time for a change, because I found anything but fulfillment in my life.

I had a talent and that was trading Forex.

The moment I started sharing my knowledge with others was the moment when a new world opened up for me, a new feeling: sincere fulfillment.

When I saw how grateful other people were for the knowledge they got and how much progress they made, something very interesting happened in my mindset! My definition of wealth immediately changed.

Wealth = contributing to yourself, your fellow man and to nature!

As a result, I immediately changed my future goals: first it was a nice big house, buying an Audi R8, etc. Now all these goals have become "extras". If I don't get these goals clarified, it's no problem. If I still get these goals clarified, all the better.

My future goals now are all aimed at contributing something to myself, my fellow man and to nature.

Therefore, I will not spend my earned money on luxury goods but on things that will give me sincere fulfillment.

My main goal is to open a regularized investment fund within a few years, where I will include my best students in this story. For this purpose I can contribute to myself and to my fellow man.

My second main goal is a goal where I will do my bit for nature.

These main goals are indeed not the most "flashy ones", but these are goals where I will achieve that sincere fulfillment.

Once you no longer need confirmation from the outside world, and your only confirmation you care about is yours, a whole new world will open up for you where you will attract only sincere people, feelings and situations!

So wealth is not equal to luxury, let this be clear!

I hope I have been able to bring you new insights because believe me, you will have a much happier, more sincere life once you see this!

Armani-Rochas Decock

The TFD-team.