The Trading Journey

Updated: May 2, 2020

First, we all started to wonder how to make money a different way at our comfort? Someone -maybe your friend or maybe an online advertisement- told you about this thing called “Forex Trading“, right? Then you started to read up on it, all of a sudden you go on Instagram and boom you seen someone your age in some fancy car or flashing cash and on their bio it said “forex trader “. You joined a trading group and they thought you the basics and now you’re ready to be that guy on Instagram with the fancy car? you opened tradingview and entered a trade based of what you have learned with your real live trading account and you blew away your first 500 EUR you invested. This was most of us; this was also me at the beginning of my trading journey. At the start there was no mentor to guide me even though I was part of a different trading company and to be honest, the only thing I learned there was trend lines and how to draw them and break out and retest. That was about it.

I had a demo account and I treated it like a real account and would get frustrated if I lost a trade even though I myself had no idea what I was doing. At this time, I was working in a call centre, I built up an addiction to learning this newly introduced skill that was forex, at work on my night shifts believe it or not I would skip taking calls and just watch youtube videos on forex. I was watching videos on Fibonacci before I fully understood what it was.

When I would return home after 6AM in the morning you would presume I was tired right? and going to sleep? NOPE! I would sit in bed open my laptop and watch the charts. Even though I knew I needed the sleep after finishing at 6am I didn’t really care. I did this for the majority of my summer, no partying, no hanging maybe once or twice. no holiday no nothing. Just forex gym and work. Towards the end of the summer of 2019 One day around 3AM in the morning I found Theforexdictionary page on Instagram, I was already in search of someone or a better company that could help me take what I already knew about forex to the next level. I messaged Theforexdictionary page after I seen how simple the trading and charts looked. I was shocked when I was told that there was no mentorship , but my hunger and my persistence rewarded me and over a few weeks of relentlessly messaging the page and I became one of the first members of this amazing company!. Within a week or so my skills and everything I knew about forex changed! I started to understand certain things better and better, I saw the market for what it really was and I became more aware of the higher time frames. I was so motivated and determined to make sure I got something back from the knowledge I was given . I appreciated the skillset and practised this skill everyday non-stop! at one point I started missing college classes just to stay home to get better and better, (I do not recommend that btw!). Before I knew it or could notice, I was doing the exact same thing my mentor was doing. But one thing I learned was that I would always be a learner , as the market will always teach you something new! What I want you to take away from reading this is that , the trading journey is a real! Journey, it’s like climbing a mountain with very hard obstacles along the way! Number one thing is to never give up! Don’t stop and refuse to stop also. “Can’t stop won’t stop!”. The market will beat you to your knees at the start, you must be persistent and consistent in your learning no matter what. Forex is the hardest way to make easy money. That’s how I personally see it. You must work hard, harder than before. why? because this is one of the most complicated things that anybody could ever understand, forex will shape you and you will need to reshape your attitude and humble yourself when you enter this game. Be obedient to the strategy. I can tell you I’ve tried to take many different approaches to this strategy and they never work, until I accepted that I must obey everything this strategy lays out for me. Worry about your own progress not others, you focus on you and only you, you must forget about what another member is doing or how they are doing, if someone is showing more progress than that should be a motivation for you always! Discipline yourself and stick to your own rules! These things are very important In your journey. There are a few phases that which you will go through also and this is totally fine because you have to go through them in order for you to learn and be more disciplined . There’s an excitement phase, a blow the account phase, there’s a panic phase which is wondering whether this is for you or not. There is a phase where you will question your abilities. Moments like these are the ones where you need to step up and be responsible for yourself. You tell yourself that you want to be this great successful person but you are doubting and thinking of giving up? SUCCESS IS YOUR DUTY!!! Because if you don’t achieve the greatness that which you desire so much then you are only letting yourself down! . Charts at the start of my journey.

My charts today

How is your trading journey going so far? In what phase are you? Time to put it into perspective and write your story so far in the comments

I wish you all the best in your journey! Best of luck TFD team