Oh, so you're a forex trader?

This article will be about my journey in forex trading.

Ever since I was 15 years old I wanted to be involved in the financial markets. The problem was that my family nor friends had experience in the markets so I had to figure it out by myself. One of my teachers in school was well invested into stocks so I asked him for advice on how to get started, he gave me a few websites and books but that's it.

So I started reading articles about forex trading on the internet and came across the book 'Investing for dummies'. That same day I bought the book and read it in 1 week. The book was a great introduction to the markets and different types of investments but didn't really improve my knowledge about forex trading.

As the search continues I found a website called babypips, this actually was the foundation of my trading knowledge as it covers the absolute basics about forex trading. Since then I learned what brokers are and how I can be involved in the markets, I also started with drawing on charts on the tradingview.

Below is an example of my charts in the beginning of my FX journey:

I would use 2 moving averages as a dynamic support / resistance level. I didn't use the fibonacci tool as I didn't know how to draw it properly. Static support and resistance levels were not based on any plan or technique, It was just a hopeful guess.

Then I bought the CRYPTONARY course which improved my general knowledge about market structure and price action. Although the course was generally about cryptocurrencies it still improved my charts. I wasn't trading a live account, nor a demo account. I first wanted to draw my charts properly.

My first investment

The first investment I made was in cryptocurrency, in a crypto that's called Ripple, by applying the knowledge I learned during the cryptonary course. This was my first investment and a very big win back then.

I bought the coin at $0.17 and it soared to $3.6 (All time high). This was my confirmation that I was on the right track and trading is what i wanted to pursue in my life. This win was one of the best feelings in my life because I never made such big profits.

A few months later I started trading forex on the same platform (Etoro, a very basic broker). I started with a live account directly, which was a bad decision back then as I should've started with a demo account. After a few weeks the live account was liquidated, no more money on the account.

So I started evaluating my mistakes and tried to understand where I was wrong and opened a new account. I did this process (Blow account - evaluate - new account) about 7 times before becoming profitable. I wasted a lot of money because I didn't use a demo account. I want to pass this message to everybody reading this, if you're still learning the skill I recommend you to start with a demo account. Once you are 3-4 months profitable on the demo account you can try a live account.

The second reason why I've blown 7 live accounts is because I didn't have a trading plan! I didn't use risk management, risk/reward,... I placed trades based on what I was thought could happen, not what was on the charts.

As the journey goes on my trading was going better and better, charts were improving, my knowledge was improving and I decided to start educating other people about this beautiful skill.

How I joined TFD

As the journey goes on my trading was going better and better, charts were improving, my knowledge was improving and I decided to start educating other people about this beautiful skill.

So I started HS FX, I gave trading bootcamps in Bruges and had about 20 students in total. HS FX existed until the day I met Armani Rochas Decock, we were in school together but never really spoke to each other.

We met because we had mutual friends and started talking about forex trading, he didn't know I was a trader and vice versa. So as the conversation continues we talk about our strategies, type of trades and so on...

We decided to meet up again and compare charts and talk about our strengths and weaknesses. This was the start of our friendship and our collaboration.

Personal note:

As my journey was one hell of a ride with ups and downs, trial and error, dealing with the psychological aspect,... You probably will never go down this road, You'll have some losses, you'll have your emotions which you need to control, but the great difference is that we have suffered the losses, the trial and error, the endless search for GOOD information.Which now is available on the website.

All the content on the website (pointers, market breakdowns,...) is ready for you. You just have to take the time to absorb the knowledge and apply the knowledge to the charts. I truly hope you use this knowledge tot the furthest extent possible and improve yourself.

You are a never ending project, keep working, keep growing and never stop.

We all started from the very bottom, if we can reach this, you surely can too!

Hope you enjoyed reading this.