How to make 'The Law Of Attraction' work for you!

Updated: May 3

Hello everyone!

I would like to talk about "The Law Of Attraction" today!Not only do I want to talk about this, I will also teach you how to actually apply it!Most of us have heard about this, but to this day, we have not yet experienced how powerful this "Law" is or how to apply it in your personal life!

We will start with the official definition of "The Law Of Attraction": "The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that manifests through everyone and through

everything. It is part of the creative power of the Universe. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations, circumstances, and the things you think about. "

As you can see above, even "the law of gravity" is part of "The Law Of Attraction", to give you a perspective on how gigantic this "Law" is. Everything is energy, so everything is related.

Now think about your group of friends. Everyone has a friend who always has bad luck. 2 months ago her dog ran away, last month her car broke down, her car had just been fixed, she drives out of the garage and boom, accident. You ask yourself: ``How is this possible that she always has bad luck?!’’…… The Law of Attraction.

On the other hand, everyone also has a friend who is always lucky. You go to the casino with some friends, you are at the Roulette table and there is that one friend, whatever color he takes, he always wins. You ask yourself: ``How is this possible that he is always lucky?!’’ ... The Law Of Attraction.

A person consists of particles of energy, which leave and refill the body. In one of the many books I have read (I forgot which one it was), there was a picture where a Russian professor managed to photograph incoming and outgoing energy with the human body (the body photographed was dark, and the energy that came out of the body looked purple and white, so not black and white)! He managed to do this just after World War 1. The professor had been taken captive and had been unable to continue his studies.

Why am I telling you this? Because many people still assume that people simply consist of "solid" energy, this is not the case at all. Your energy is constantly moving, going in and out of your body. We are anything but "just a solid body". We are constantly making energy transactions!

We determine ourselves, by which energy we radiate/ which energy we don’t radiate. And this makes the people who understand and apply this "Law" invincible, they radiate good energy. To give you an example, if you constantly think you are sick, you will end up sick too. How come? You have chosen to radiate negative thoughts/ energy, now there is an "empty space" in your body that has to be filled with new energy of course. You have radiated negativity, so this `empty space’ will be filled with negative energy again.

On the other hand, we can naturally attract positive energy. I'll give you an example from my mentor / psychologist. 4 years ago I got to know him, "Thijs the psychologist". He is a little over 70 years old but still very sporty! Every time he goes to one of his clients, he stops his car on a field, gets out, and runs a 100-meter sprint while holding his breath. He does this to trigger his body / mind, and to increase his lung capacity! Now why am I saying this? One day, a few hours before our appointment, he called me: ``Armani, unfortunately I will not be able to give you the session today, I am in the hospital, my foot is broken ''. During one of his daily sprints he had not seen a well in the field. A week later I went to visit him to continue my sessions. "How's your foot, what's the matter?" I asked him. He replied: "Apparently my foot is broken ‘ugly’, it is splintered, the doctors say that I will no longer be able to walk normally, and certainly not sprint anymore."

I felt sorry for him, I didn't know how to react to this situation, especially since I didn't know him that well at the time. Suddenly he said to me: "Look Armani, some situations, you just can’t control them, but what you always have control of, is the reaction to a situation!". "What do you mean, Thijs?" I asked him, I didn't understand why he said that at the time. ``That I broke my foot is something I cannot control anymore. What I can control is my reaction to this. In other words, I have the option right now to cry and worry about the reaction of the doctors and surgeons who have told me that my foot will no longer function normally, and I will let negative energy fill my body. Or, my second option is, I make peace with the situation and I actively focus on the healing process of my foot." "What do you mean with actively focus on the healing process?" I asked him. ``The doctors look at the scan and see that my foot is broken 'ugly' and will not recover completely. They told me that I will have to recover for at least 6 months before I can take my first steps back. But what the doctors don't know is that I have something much more powerful than the physiotherapists they will refer me to, "The Law Of Attraction". He told me that he will be completely cured within two months because of this "Law".

At that time I did not yet understand what it meant and I was fairly skeptical about it. Exactly two months passed and there he was, at my front door, haha! "You see ?!" he said. didn't understand it at all, he was able to walk perfectly! We sat at my table and he explained to me how he had accomplished this. ``I closed my eyes and kept my focus on my foot. Every time I inhaled, I visualized a "healing substance" entering my body, which entered my bloodstream through my lungs and through my bloodstream to my foot. I deeply believed that this 'healing substance' would restore my foot. ”Not only had he proved to me that` `The Law Of Attraction' exists, the doctors were perplexed when he came in for a check-up after 2 months and his foot FULLY recovered, he didn't need any more rehabilitation. "This is not magic, this is" The Law Of Attraction, "something more powerful than magic," he told me, I will never forget those words!

This was the day that I started to learn more about this. After countless months, watching books, podcasts and videos on this topic, "The Law" started to pay off!

The first time I really noticed that "The Law" was playing out was around end 2017. The meeting of perhaps one of the most important people in my life at the moment.

December 2017, Costa Rica. I was fishing all alone on a super secluded beach (as a tourist there was almost no chance that you could find this place, there was only sea, beach and jungle). Only because I grew up here, I knew this place. At one point, I had a big fish on the hook, and started to shout out of adrenaline. Suddenly, a man walks up from the jungle behind me, afterwards it turned out that he was lost, haha! He stood next to me and watched the whole thing, the fish fought hard. I asked him if he wanted to give it a try? He hesitated but I just gave him the fishing rod! When we got the fish on land, there was a burst of joy, we had done this together, two strangers who had never seen each other before!

We later exchanged contact details. A few months later he invited me to Budapest. As it turned out, he is one of Marc Coucke's (Omega Pharma) best friends and ex business partner, he had a lot of shares in Omega Pharma, a company that has been sold for 3.6 Billion Euro. So I don't have to explain you how wealthy this man is. We have now become very good friends, I visit him three times a year In Budapest. Every year he comes to visit me in December while I am in Costa Rica, he has also become very good friends with my grandmother who lives there! He has already given me many great business opportunities that I have profusely benefited from. I only owe this to "The Law Of Attraction".

This was the moment we met!

This was our first conversation!

This was him, visiting my grandmother and me this last December, to give you some motivation!

During 2018, I started to study "The Law" even more, I became more and more aware of her power. I started to visualize certain situations, very precise situations. I described "my perfect day", the day when I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve. I described the feeling in detail. "Where I would be on that day, who would I be surrounded with, the sun will warm my skin at that moment, a fresh sea breeze would cool my skin, what drink am I holding" these are all things I have written down.

Now you probably wonder, why so detailed? Your energy is controlled / sent by your subconscious mind. Your consciousness can store about 1 million things per second, your subconscious mind 40 million. So which one do I want to focus on? On the subconscious mind of course! And the subconscious loves details, so go as detailed as possible in describing your goals.

June 2018, Saint-Tropez, France. I was partying at Club Gaïo with some friends. While partying, a young man and I bumped into each other, we shook hands, smiled at each other, and he walked on. What struck me was, the moment we bumped into each other, 2-3 "big" men came closer (afterwards these turned out to be his personal bodyguards). Now okay, no problem, we were partying further, and a few moments later, the young man passed me again, he asked if he could offer me some drink from the incident just before! I felt a click with this young man so I agreed, I went with him and he introduced me to his friends. They were all Indians, very friendly people. It was a great night, a lot of dancing and laughing. At the end of the night, the sun was already rising, he asked me, "what are you doing this afternoon?" "Nothing special, and you?" I said. "We are thinking about going to Monaco this afternoon and partying that night, if you want you can come!" I definitely liked that and said it was good, I asked where we were going to meet to leave for Monaco. At that time we were still in Club Gaïo, which overlooked the port of Saint-Tropez. He took me to the window and pointed to literally the largest yacht there, nearly 100 meters long. "At 13h, we meet there". This was his father's yacht and so we left with this gigantic ship, together with his friends, to Monaco to experience a beautiful night. (His father helped design the Tesla battery and is one of the most respected professors/ inventors in India).

This was our first conversation!

Could this be a coincidence, getting to know such an influential person the second time in a year? Perhaps, you probably think to yourself now.

July 2018, London, England. I met a nice lady from England in Saint-Tropez and we decided to see each other again in London. Now, after a very late night of partying in Saint-Tropez a few weeks ago, I had fallen asleep outside by the pool. For 7 hours straight! I woke up, and my head was completely burnt, bright red. Why am I telling you this? When I landed in Heathrow, I had to take the train to London Center. When I got on the train, a man sat in front of me, nicely dressed and with a briefcase in hand. 10 minutes on the road, I took after-sun out of my backpack and rubbed my forehead, I wanted to look a little bit good for the lady, haha! He looked at me and started laughing, I told him the story behind it, and he thought it was great! We got to know each other and told where we came from, what we did etc. He just arrived from Rome, he hosted a meeting about a new "NASA" project. He turned out to be "Head of Aviation Technology" at NASA and lives in Manchester and Rome. I visited him a few months ago in Manchester, and we have built up a very good friendship.

This was our first conversation!

This was the third time that year since I started implementing "The Law Of Attraction". This cannot be a coincidence, this is not magic, you attract what you radiate.

So, for the people who do not yet understand or implement this "Law" in their personal lives, please read books about it, watch documentaries about it, Google it.

Simply make sure you apply this "Law" in your life, once you apply it, it WILL change your life!

I hope you enjoyed this, and more importantly that I showed you that "The Law Of Attraction" is the most powerful tool you can use!

Armani-Rochas Decock

The Forex Dictionary Team