For the people who have never heard from the word Forex trading before, we are simply trying to capitalize as much as possible on one currency’s strength against another currency’s weakness. It’s our goal to make each and everyone of you an independent, successful trader.  


90% of the Forex platforms out there are trying to keep you dependent from them, by only telling you when to buy or when to sell. So at the end of the game, what will you have learned? Exactly, nothing. The only thing you will have learned is how to follow advice, blindly. 


At The Forex Dictionary we will not only tell you when it’s interesting to buy or to sell a certain pair, we will also tell you why and how! And exactly because of that, you will gain a lot of confidence in the positions you take. During that process you will actually understand the TFD strategy and at one moment, you will be able to trade completely by yourself! 


How are we going to make you an independent trader? 


The only way to make you an independent trader is not only by explaining you how to trade but by actually showing you how to trade. 


And how am I going to show you how to trade? 


Every Sunday evening I will upload a recording which is called the Sunday-market breakdown. During the Sunday-market breakdown I will explain you in which positions I want to get involved during the week. This way you will not only be able to capitalize on this trades yourself, the most important thing is, you will be able to learn how to trade exactly like me. 


Our platform is designed to make your trading journey in

The Forex Dictionary as efficiently and pleasantly as possible.


We realize this with providing you services such as the Trade recaps, the Weekly Team Training, the TFD Coaching series, the TFD Exams and so on! Our strategy is built upon simplicity and clarity! 


We will not use tons of indicators as most of the traders are doing, you don’t have to make things harder than they are. Clear charts stand for clear results! 


If you want to become a successful trader, don’t hesitate to join our educational platform down below! 


See you there!

- Armani-Rochas Decock, founder of The Forex Dictionary

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Tuur D. , Belgium

"Hey, My name is Tuur Dierickx.

I’ve started with with my own forex-journey 1,5 months ago, with zero experience. I’ve become member of TFD with many doubts and questions. Thanks to their step-by-step plan, clear movies, Zoomcalls and extra explanations where needed, I now place trades on a demo account independently. The interaction in the community with fellow members is also very instructive. It's all about learning and becoming a successful independent trader. It gives a lot of satisfaction to have mastered their strategy in the meantime and to see how efficient it is.


I hope to apply the strategy to a live account in the near future!"